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Special Defense
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Flame Lizzy

Flame Lizzy

Infused with fire, this variant of the traditional Lizzy has strong special attacks and a tough skin.

Flame Lizzy evolves into Flame Lizfu at level 20. Evolution Items:
Fire Crystal Fire Crystal x6
Fire Dust Fire Dust x6
Hot Pepper Hot Pepper x3

Flame Lizfu

Flame Lizfu

It has a black belt in burning things.

Flame Lizfu evolves into Flame Lizilla at level 37. Evolution Items:
Fire Crystal Fire Crystal x ?
Fire Dust Fire Dust x ?
Hot Pepper Hot Pepper x ?

Flame Lizilla

Flame Lizilla

It has powerful fire attacks along with an innate resistance to most damage.

This is the final evolution of Flame Lizzy.




Level: 30 (Capt Lvl 1 - Diamond Challenge League)
Health: 311
Attack: 43
Defense: 77
Special Attack: 77
Special Defense: 52
Speed: 46

Ishu bagaria (talk) and FMF (talk) Stats
Flame Lizzy → Flame Lizfu
(Obtained at level 1)
20 Before Evolution20 After EvolutionLevel 22Level 23Level 24Level 29Level 30Level 31
Special Attack4951565859767476
Special Defense3636373636484445
Ishu bagaria (talk) and FMF (talk) Stats
Flame Lizzy (Obtained at Level 1) Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Health 24 29-30 34-35 38-39 43-44 51
Attack 15-16 15-16 15-17 16-18 17-20 21
Defense 14 16 18-19 20-21 21-22 23
Special Attack 16-17 18 19-21 21-23 22-24 23
Special Defense 15-16 16 16-17 16-18 17-20 18
Speed 16 16-18 16-19 18-20 20-22 21


  • It is a fire-type variant of the Lizzy Guardian found in The Desert.
  • It was introduced in the game on the 3rd of September 2012.

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