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Furious Yeti

Gid 65 full
This is a level 25 normal type boss guardian with 1124-1139 HP[1] that can deal Water  water elemental attacks and hits like a truck.

My tip: Use moves that lower his accuracy (or if you don't have any, moves that lower the special attack) while still dealing damage like Smoke Cloud and Sand Storm so that he doesn't hit you as many times and you have the time to kill him slowly. Play once or twice without potions to see which strategy works best for you and your guardians and then come back with potions for a final showdown!! Unfortunately, the Yeti gives only 444xp, but the quest reward is 2 large xp potions (500 xp each) and 25 xp, so in a way he's giving you 1469 xp and the option to choose the distribution.

Another tip: First bring a lvl 25+ Fengal to use Bop and Rend. Do this until his attacks don't damage you anymore. Now you can use moves like Piercing Flame to reduce it's special defense. From here you can switch to rock elemental attacks like Plodder, Rhocko and Gebble, which deal more damage to the Yeti than the other elements.

Another tip: with new poison guardians, it seems rather easy to defeat this one (as you won't take much damage from  either water or normal attacks, and do increased damage); i didn't test personnally (already defeated it before poison made their coming) but Arachni/Crockle seem the perfect guardians for an easy fight.

The Furious Yeti gives 1 TT when defeated.

Located in The Eastern Vale Range.

Related to The Yeti Problem Quest.


Listed as Normal DJArts 65: Vicious Yeti in the official forums.

  1. 1139 HP at trainer level 12