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Imnotabaneling (alternatively spelled "Imnotabangling") is a debug placeholder used by DJArts as a default weekly PvP Grand Prize, Currently there is no such guardian and it is unknown whether DJArts is planning on making Imnotabaneling a real guardian. In order to find out what the weekly guardian is, you have to go to the PvP screen in North New Haven.


Imnotabanglings[1] are deadly spider-like creatures with a sack full of acid. Creepy.

117 90x90

Possible Guardian?


  • Discovered via the Weekly Guardians (PvP Arena Grand Prize) splash screen
  • Does not appear in the DJArts DB
  • It's element seems to be Poison 36px  poison

  1. 1.0 1.1 typo's in the game

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