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732 90x90 Mystic Guardians > Areas > The Forest  > The Deep Forest

Map The Deep Forest
874 90x90Calm Trainer
Iron ChestIron Chest
874 90x90Dim Trainer
874 90x90Normal Trainer
874 90x90Bald Trainer
874 90x90Evolving Trainer
874 90x90Sassy Trainer
874 90x90Whiny Trainer
874 90x90On-Duty Trainer
874 90x90Pretty Trainer (brunette)
874 90x90Young Trainer
874 90x90Quirky Trainer
874 90x90Flirty Trainer
874 90x90Unexperienced Trainer
874 90x90Scruffy Trainer
874 90x90Bridge Trainer
874 90x90Elder Trainer
874 90x90Sneaky Trainer
X Marks The SpotX Marks the Spot!
874 90x90Fibbing Trainer
874 90x90Orange Shirted Trainer
874 90x90Business Trainer
874 90x90Lovestruck Trainer
874 90x90Pretty Trainer (red hair)
874 90x90Blue-Haired Trainer
874 90x90Protective Trainer
Iron ChestIron Chest

Wild Guardians Levels ?-18[1]




Lurking in the Orange Bushes
974 90x90
  • Rewards: 25 gold, Medium Healing Potion, 20 XP

  1. Guardians Level 18 at Trainer Level 13

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