732 90x90 Mystic Guardians > Areas > The Desert > The Desert Delta > The Desert Training Hall

Map The Desert Training Hall
Wall switchWall Switch
874 90x90Sulky Sarah
874 90x90Bhadington Bill
HealerBartender Nurse
874 90x90Honest Hank
874 90x90Rocky Redford
Wall switchWall Switch
874 90x90Guardian Master John
874 90x90Deputy Dave
874 90x90Richy Red Rum
874 90x90Trusty Pete
Wall switchWall Switch
874 90x90Quick Draw Jill


All trainers in the area attack on sight.


Quest Air Badge

The Desert Training Hall

Battle your way through the Desert Training Hall and defeat the Guardian Master at the end. Doing so will earn you an Air Badge, giving you the third item you need in order to become a Guardian Master!
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Defeat Guardian Master John
XpXP x500
Air badgeAir Badge x1

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