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Map The Open Desert...
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The Open Desert...

This area can only be seen once and cannot be entered after that.

The Open Desert is entered from the western edge of The Southern Desert. A player must cross this area in order to reach The Far Oasis for the first time. However, the first time the player is at the southern desert, he cannot enter this area as The Desert Watchman (wearing a cowboy hat) guarding the passage stops him saying that it is too dangerous to go there. Only after the player reaches The Desert Delta and obtains the quest for the desert flower, he can obtain a quest from the desert watchman and enter the open desert and go to the oasis area after completing his quest.

When the player first enters this area, he is automatically led a few paces ahead recalling that The Desert Watchman said "go directly west, don't deviate". After a few seconds, the player is attacked by wild guardians:

Once the player has defeated them, he is automatically taken to the The Far Oasis.