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Map The Southern Forest
874 90x90Newbie Trainer
874 90x90Treasure Hunting
874 90x90Treasure Hunting
Iron ChestIron Chest
874 90x90Bushwhacking Trainer
874 90x90Singed Trainer
874 90x90Patient Trainer
874 90x90Dog Loving Trainer
874 90x90Helpful Trainer
874 90x90Green Thumb Trainer
874 90x90Balanced Trainer
874 90x90Awesome Trainer
Iron ChestIron Chest
874 90x90Treasure Hunting
874 90x90Guardian Trainer
874 90x90Winded Trainer
  New Haven

Work in progress! Still thinking about some layout things...

Wild Guardians

Wild Guardians level in this part of the forest are levels 3 - 5. Common Guardians:

Rare Guardians:

  • Fire  Fizard (if your starter choice was Firball) [1]
  • Nature  Orkkid (if your starter choice was Vinibble) [1]
  • Water  Squiddy (if your starter choice was Crabby) [1]



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