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Map The Summit Path
874 90x90Reflecting Trainer
874 90x90Lying Trainer
ChestGold Chest
874 90x90Disoriented Trainer
874 90x90Misleading Trainer
ChestGold Chest
874 90x90Lost Trainer

The Summit Path

The Summith Path has its entrance in the western part of the The Western Vale Range area. The player's character continues on his journey to look for the Shady Vale's training hall Guardian Master here. The summit path is a cave which must be crossed in order to reach the The Western Summit. The summit path in itself is like a big maze and can be hard to navigate through. The NPC in the beginning of the cave guides the player giving instructions on how to go about the cave-- "Head west past the torches with the cobwebs, then north until you see the rock shaped like a dragon or serpent. Next head east... It will look like a dead end but there's a way through on the north wall. After that, head up the path with the blue mushrooms, and then west past the pond to the exit. It's easy!"

There is a lot of pebble area in this cave and unless the player very slowly moves around in single-clicks, there will be many wild encounters so stock up on your potions. Fortunately there are 2 golden chests as consolation. There is nothing to fully heal your guardians here, nor any teleportation pad, but there are both just outside the exit of the cave.

Wild Guardians (Level 19-23)[1]

The percentages are based on 100 random encounters



1281 90x90

Into the Mountains

Search the mountains west of Shady Vale for Guardian Master Erin. She's supposedly meditating somewhere near the peak. There's a path into the Western Vale Range near the clinic in Shady Vale.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Find someone in the Western Mountains who has seen Master Erin
1028 90x90Head through the Summit Path cave to the Western Peak
1028 90x90Find a way to scale the cliff on the Western Peak
1028 90x90Find Guardian Master Erin on the Western Peak
1028 90x90Enter the Ancient Outpost on the Western Peak
1028 90x90Return to Guardian Master Erin[2]
XpXP x50

  1. Guardians Level 22-23 at Trainer Level 13
  2. exact wording of the objective needs confirmation

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