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Map The Tangled Forest
835 90x90
874 90x90Blue Haired Trainer
874 90x90Woodchopping Trainer
874 90x90Bored Trainer
874 90x90Green Thumb Trainer (girl)
874 90x90Veteran Trainer
874 90x90Silly Trainer
874 90x90Log Guarding Trainer
874 90x90Jill's Bodyguard
(one time quest related,
light brown hair)
874 90x90Jill's Bodyguard
(one time quest related,
black hair)
874 90x90Jill's Bodyguard
(one time quest related,
dark brown hair)
874 90x90Hiking Trainer
ChestGold Chest
(Quest Related - Toy Ship)
ChestGold Chest
(Quest Related - Toy Robot)
874 90x90Female Trainer
874 90x90Male Trainer
874 90x90Dog Loving Trainer
874 90x90Balanced Trainer
874 90x90Patrolling Trainer
874 90x90Green Thumb Trainer (boy)
874 90x90Clampy Trainer
874 90x90Guardian Thief
(one time quest related)
874 90x90Slacking Trainer
874 90x90Punk Trainer (girl)
874 90x90Punk Trainer (boy)
875 90x90Wild Guardians
(one time battle - part of Seeds for Grandma Quest)
Iron ChestIron Chest
X Marks The SpotX Marks the Spot!
Need 4 Friends

Wild Guardians

Wild Guardians in this part of the forest are levels 8-9.

Common Guardians:

Uncommon Guardians:

  • Fire  Fizard (if your starter choice was Firball) [1]
  • Nature  Orkkid (if your starter choice was Vinibble) [1]
  • Water  Squiddy (if your starter choice was Crabby) [1]


  • Slacking Trainer
  • Punk Trainer (girl)
  • Punk Trainer (boy)
  • Jill's Bodyguard[2] (one time quest related, light brown hair)
  • Jill's Bodyguard[2] (one time quest related, black hair)
  • Jill's Bodyguard[2] (one time quest related, dark brown hair)



Heroic Feng
This is a level 9 Heroic Feng with 195 HP.

Like other bosses, Uberfeng cannot be captured.

My tip: There is no need for a specific strategy, since the Uberfeng is relatively easy to defeat compared to other bosses. At the time you encounter this boss, you've probably leveled up at least one of your guardians to the point that they can defeat this one without resorting to power-lowering moves. Make sure that you've healed your guardians before battling Uberfeng, especially if you´ve been focusing on one guardian in particular. If your guardians are still relatively weak (ie. their under level 10), make sure to save up some healing potions for this battle.


666 90x90

Guardian Thief!

Track down the person who stole a girl's Guardian in the forest south of New Haven. He ran down a path to the east off the main road.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Recover the girl's Guardian
1028 90x90Return the girl's Guardian
GoldGold x10
Medium healing potionMedium Healing
XpXP x20

670 90x90

Trainer Jill

Find Trainer Jill in the forest far to the south of New Haven. She has the elemental Guardian you will need in order to defeat the Master Trainer in New Haven.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Find Trainer Jill in the Tangled Woods
1028 90x90Search the Serpent Stone

962 90x90

Afraid of the Tall Grass

Retrieve Edward's belongings from the two treasure chests in the tall grass on the plateau.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Retrieve Edward's Toy Ship[3]
1028 90x90Retrieve Edward's Toy Robot[3]
1028 90x90Return to Edward
GoldGold x50
344 90x90Medium Defense Potion x1
XpXP x10

965 90x90

Fixing The Tangled Forest Teleporter

Search bushes and other objects in the Tangled Forest to find the Teleporter Calbiration Device[4].
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Find the Teleporter Calibration Unit[5]
1028 90x90Return to the Teleporter in the Tangled Forest
GoldGold x10
905 90x90Small Bomb x1
XpXP x20

664 90x90

Seeds for Grandma

Get Seeds for Grandma. The shopkeeper Ted should have some for sale.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Talk to Ted the Shopkeeper
1028 90x90Find evidence of the shipment in the forest south of Haven
1028 90x90Return to Ted the Shopkeeper
GoldGold x50
XpXP x20

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  3. 3.0 3.1 It has the initials EJO scratched in the bottom.
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  5. An expensive looking device with a large dial and LCD display. What this was doing in a bush, you'll never know.