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Map The Western Peak
877 90x90Questgiver of Climbing Gear
874 90x90Annoying Trainer
874 90x90Prepared Trainer
874 90x90Winded Trainer
874 90x90Tree Planting Trainer
874 90x90Firey Trainer
874 90x90Playful Trainer
874 90x90Rare Trainer
874 90x90Rock Studying Trainer
874 90x90Jealous Trainer
874 90x90Cryus (Quest related, one time only)

The Western Peak

Ishu bagaria 22:38, August 28, 2012 (UTC)

This area can be first accessed when the player's character crosses The Summit Path upon which he is asked to go to the The Eastern Vale Range since he cannot climb the cliffs in this area without the climbing gear that is available there. In the beginning of this area (the SE corner) there is a nurse that can heal your guardians and a teleporter that only works one-way, i.e. it can take you to any place but you cannot come back to this teleporter from anywhere; until the player fixes it later in the game. This is also the area where Grand Master Erin is initially located and the player must find her here in order to challenge her in the Training Hall back in Shady Vale.

This whole area is an anti-clockwise spiral.

Wild Guardians (Level 24-25)

(If you find any guardians here not in the list or outside the level range mentioned above, please edit or comment below)


Other Stuff

  • Nurse (SE corner)
  • Teleport Pad (SE corner)
  • Guardian Master Erin (center of the map)
  • Ancient Doorway (center of the map)


1278 90x90

Climbing Gear

Head Into the Eastern Vale Mountains in search of the reclusive climber, who can sell you the climbing gear that you need to get past specific obstacles in the mountains.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Find Reggie in the Eastern Vale Mountains
1028 90x90Complete Reggie's Task to get Climbing Gear
1028 90x90Return to the Western Peak
XpXP x50

1292 90x90

Fixing the Summit Teleporter

You've found a very convenient box of teleporter parts in the Mountain Summit. Take them to the teleporter engineer by the summit enterance and see if he can fix the teleporter with them.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Take the parts to the Teleporter Mechanic at the Western Summit
XpXP x10

1281 90x90

Into the Mountains

Search the mountains west of Shady Vale for Guardian Master Erin. She's supposedly meditating somewhere near the peak. There's a path into the Western Vale Range near the clinic in Shady Vale.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Find someone in the Western Mountains who has seen Master Erin
1028 90x90Head through the Summit Path cave to the Western Peak
1028 90x90Find a way to scale the cliff on the Western Peak
1028 90x90Find Guardian Master Erin on the Western Peak
1028 90x90Enter the Ancient Outpost on the Western Peak
1028 90x90Return to Guardian Master Erin[1]
XpXP x50

  1. exact wording of the objective needs confirmation