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Usable items can be divided into several subcategories:
  • Potions, usable on your Guardians
  • Attack items, such as bombs or scrolls, used to inflict damage to your opponents
  • Capture Devices, used to capture the wild Guardians
  • Miscellaneous, like batteries or repellent


Potions can be used during battles as a minor action (which do not end your turn and allow you to still attack afterwards) and have various effects.

Healing potions heal either 50, 100, or 200 points of your Guardian's health.

Attack potions raise your guardian's attack and special attack by either 8, 12, or 18.

Defense potions raise your guardian's defense and special defense by either 8, 12, or 18.

Speed potions increase your guardian's speed by either 6, 12, or 18.

Accuracy potions increase your guardian's accuracy by either 8, 12, or 18.

Tip: Potions can be very helpful during battles against hard trainers, but you might get criticized by other players if you use them during PvP. Doing so also means you lose items you may need for difficult story battles.

Attack Items:

Attack items, such as bombs or scrolls, take up an entire turn to use, but are guaranteed to attack before your enemy. Bombs do 100 damage and either do normal damage, fire damage, water damage, or nature damage. Bombs can be purchased at either Guardian Centers or at the salesperson in North New Haven. Bombs cost 1 TT each. Scrolls have the same effects as bombs except they do 200 damage each. However, they are more expensive and should only be used in emergencies. Scrolls may be purchased at the same places where bombs can be purchased, but cost 3 TT each.