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  • My occupation is Playing mystic guardians, league of legend, leave with friends or school ^^
  • I am EggsShots !!!!
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    October 20, 2014 by EggsShots

    Hey !  This is the blog for a championship, which is coming soon (2 or 3 weeks) (actually : 20/10/2014).

    First, the championship will be between all players who want to participate, and is individual.

    The fights will be choose randomly, for that, we asked someone (snipershadow, a new player that don't know about this championship ) to tell us two numbers between 1 and 8 including. Every Player for participate had a number, and when his number and the one of another is choose, they have to fight. We will do that again and again till here is no player.

    Here is a little schema of an example of the match here could be :

    Imagine the fighter are : Bhadi, Aromat, mhb1999 , Nitr0x, EggsShots, Marl14620, Armorgamesemail96 and thekongplayer

    (of course, h…

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