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    PVP arena

    October 8, 2015 by Manogya

    Mystic guardians is a game and we can play this game on Armor Games,  Facebook   and  Kongregate

    1. PVP    

    1.1  What is PVP

    1.2 Division and Rank    

    1.3  Battle Points System

    1.4  PVP Style

               1.1     What is PVP

             Players are matched on the basis of the level of the highest level guardian in the player's current team.   If the server cannot find anyone online and present at the PvP stadium, who has the same level highest guardian as the player and the searching counter reaches zero, the server matches the player with an NPC who's level will be the same as the player's trainer level and whose guardians will match the levels of the players guardians   

    1.2 Division and Rank

    Every week, after the players finish their first battle, th…

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