Mystic guardians                                                                                                                                                             

Mystic guardians is a game and we can play this game on Armor Games,  Facebook   and  Kongregate

1. PVP    

1.1  What is PVP

1.2 Division and Rank    

1.3  Battle Points System

1.4  PVP Style

           1.1     What is PVP

         Players are matched on the basis of the level of the highest level guardian in the player's current team.   If the server cannot find anyone online and present at the PvP stadium, who has the same level highest guardian as the player and the searching counter reaches zero, the server matches the player with an NPC who's level will be the same as the player's trainer level and whose guardians will match the levels of the players guardians   

1.2 Division and Rank

Every week, after the players finish their first battle, they are put into a division based on their trainer level and their guardian levels. When a player starts to look for a battle partner, the server first matches him with someone in the same division if online (and if the guardian level matches) and if no one from the division can be matched, from outside the division. This way, players can also compete with others in their division for ranks                                                                                                                                       The Prize are given from battle points there is no special Prize for top 3 rank players

1.3    Battle Points System

   1.3.1     'What is Battle Points System

1.3.2     Prize system by Battle Points  Prize depend on Battle Points   Weekly guardian Prize rotation      

1.3.1   What is Battle Points System

U get 1 battle point when u defeat a guandian and u will get onlt when u defeat a guardian from your guardian when u will  use bombs/scrolls. The PVP reset every sunday and on Monday it start a new week

1.3.2     Prize system by Battle Points

BPs means Battle points and u wll get these prize with these BPs

  • 30 BPs: Medium Healing Potion
  • 120 BPs: Large Healing Potion
  • 240 BPs: Revive Potion
  • 360 BPs: Large XP Potion
  • 500 BPs: Grand Weekly Prize (Guardian)   Weekly Guandian Prize rotation    

As every week the guardian rotation is there so U will know that  after which guardian which is there

                              PVP weekly rotation

1.4    PVP Style

1.4.1  Quick PVP

1.4.2   XP PVP

1.4.3   Training PVP   

Now I will tell u about the PVP style. There are 3 PVP style and it will help u a lot

1.4.1      Quick PVP

In Quick PVP we can do PVP in 2 mins or less than that that's what it has the name Quick PVP. In quick PVP we have to use 2 guards high level  and 2 guard low level like the given example:

Jackarachnid level 32 , Twigg level 32 , Murray level 6 and a spidey level 6 

we use 2 low guards because we know that the guardians in PVP are 1 level high from our guardians or      low from our guardians so we use  Jackarachnid and twigg so we can defeat there 2 guards and the 2         low guards can be defeated easily 

1.4.2   XP PVP          

In XP PVP  we use 4 strong guardians but use only 1 or left 1 so he gain much xp like example given          below  

Jackarachnid level 32 , Twigg level 32 , Arachini level 32 and a deerite level 32

but use only Jackarachnid   than U will gain lot of xp for your guard 

1.4.3   Training PVP              

  I know u are confused in XP PVP and Training PVP what is the difference there are many difference            between XP PVP and Training PVP  just see the example below

  Heroic Feng level 6   Jackarachnid level 32 , Twigg level 32 and a Arachini level 32

  now I think u know the difference between XP PVP and Training PVP and now I will tell u how it is             possible. when u use a Heroic Feng 1st and switch him to Twigg and u do PVP with 3 guards                     Jackarachnid , Twigg and  Arachini and won the PVP without using your Heroic Feng so your Heroic           Feng will gain much XP to level up fast 

  Thanks Your friend Manogya      

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