Quest Wanted Gryphon Eggs

Wanted: Gryphon Eggs

The trainer blocking your way to the Desert Training Hall at the River Delta would like you to bring him[1] a Gryphon Egg. He's Not sure where you'd find such a thing but apparently there's a Scientist studiying some Ancient Ruins in the High Desert who may know where to look. The High Desert can be accessed through a canyon east of the River Camp, but you may need to curry[2] favor with the locals there before they'll let you enter it.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Find the Scientist in the Ancient Desert Ruins
1028 90x90Talk to the scientist
1028 90x90Recover a Gryphon Egg
1028 90x90Return to the Desert Delta
XpXP x250

  1. the 'male' trainer is obviously a female trainer
  2. game has a typo

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